I'm Michaela.


I'm a Connecticut Italian, grown in North Carolina. I studied acting at UNCSA and literature at Williams College, then moved to Paris and got fluent in French while training at Cours Dramatique Jean-Laurent Cochet. Now I spend my days as a real estate agent and my nights in shows. I used to teach 5th graders ballroom dance, and I still miss the ten-year-old tango face.

I write songs, essays, and open letters. I do new play development, deadpan comedy, classical language, and cabaret (sometimes, when I'm lucky, with a capital-C and Taylor Mac). 

I try to remember that people are people right across the board, and I'd rather live in verbs than nouns. Actor street cred comes courtesy of UNCSA, Williams College, Cours Cochet (Paris), Shakespeare & Company, and NTI.